COVID 19 was declared a health emergency, throughout the world, in 2020.   So many schools had no choice but shut their doors , due to the lack of healthy staff and teaching environment.  Many school districts tried going to virtual  teaching , only to find out that the faculty and students did not have access  to a private   internet service. 

No Internet service??? What next...

The struggle to enforce the fact that the students do struggle for quality education was still in existence. Now , the school districts decided to go to each students house and install an educational computer line , into the school students house. The parents and the students would be educated on how to receive a one - on - one education in their own home. Attendance would be taken and grades would be tallied up through this  system.

​Truancy began - With the multitude of truancy , the school districts had to "spank the hands" of the children and their parents by coming up with a new "Back to School "  calendar . All  opinions in this article belong to Sharon Millicent Parrish Andrews, C.E.O. of the Excellence Magazine by Nutshell Research and Development Enterprises , LLC , 2022. All Rights are reserved.

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Meet our Founder - The late Mildred English Parrish of Worcester, Ma.

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Why are so many school districts starting on August 1st and closing for the summertime in June, this year?

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 Mrs. Mildred English Parrish, was the wife of the late Honorable Judge Clarence Randolph Parrish. She had two children named Sheila and Sharon. Her goals were to be a great community servant and an excellent wife and mother. In the 1960’s Mildred started a magazine which would lead to great expectations and high esteem from her followers.

Although Mrs. Mildred English Parrish passed away in 1999, she left the publishing rights to the magazine to her youngest daughter and author, Mrs. Sharon Millicent Parrish Andrews. This is her story. This is the new beginning of her legacy. This is the new EXCELLENCE MAGAZINE by NUTSHELL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRISES, L.L.C. Sharon Millicent Parrish Chief Executive Officer.

In 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a young lady from Worcester, Massachusetts, born to Joseph Henry and Mabel Barnes English, created Excellence Magazine. Mrs. Mildred English Parrish, wife of Attorney Clarence Randolph Parrish, wanted the citizens of the United States of America, to have a hometown community and family orientated magazine not only to read but also to contribute to it. Excellence Magazine was Mildred English Parrish greatly read and recognized creation.

In 1966, Sharon Millicent Parrish Andrews, was made the junior contributor for the magazine. Sharon created the “University Call” portion of the magazine. With her talents, Sharon formatted the way that the colleges and universities could get their information to her. She would filter through it and decide what would be published in the magazine. Over 50 colleges and universities of higher education participated in the contribution of their student activities to Excellence Magazine.

In 1972, Excellence Magazine surfaced in Freeport and Nassau, in The Bahamas and in Trinidad. The citizens of those countries gravitated to Excellence Magazine as soon as it was placed in their hands. We became International and that was sweet. People from those islands started sending Mildred and Sharon articles to print in the magazine. The islanders even subscribed to the magazine.

I, Sharon Millicent Parrish Andrews, am proud to present Excellence Magazine by Nutshell Research and Development to you. Together we will make this dream a reality come true.  Ava Andrews Quijano – Editor